Question 1 Can I purchase direct from X-Treme?

 Answer 1 Yes, you may purchase directly from us.   We offer our products at retail cost.   Just add the item you wish to purchase to the cart and you will be directed to our safe, secure shopping cart to complete your order.

Question 2 Does my bicycle have a warranty?

Answer 2 Yes, all X-Treme bicycles come with a standard One Year X-Treme Warranty + One Year Battery Warranty.

Question 3 Can I purchase an Extended Warranty?

Answer 3 Yes!  We offer a One Year Extended Warranty for $75 and a LIFETIME Extended Warranty for the very low price of $150.   That's right!  Lifetime Warranty!   The Lifetime Warranty ensures your are covered from manufacturer defect on every component of your bicycle for as long as you ride it.  We even cover tires and tubes!  No other manufacturer offers this extensive of an extended warranty.

Question 4 How do I contact X-Treme if I have questions after my bicycle delivers?

Answer 4 Yes you can contact our Customer Service Representative at your convenience.   We have CSR's available from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST Mon - Thurs.   


Question 5 Will my bicycle ship with tracking?

Answer 5 Yes.   All our shipments, whether via ground or freight, are shipped with tracking numbers.   You will receive a tracking email once your item ships with a link to our carrier site to track your shipment.

Question 6 Do I have to pay for shipping?

 Answer 6 No.  As long as your bike is being shipped within the lower 48 states shipping is included in the cost of your bike. Only two states Hawaii and Alaska need to pay for shipping.

Question 7 Can I have my shipping expedited?

Answer 7 Yes.   If you wish to receive your bicycle faster than normal ground or freight shipping you can pay for expedited shipping.   Please contact us first before placing order.

Please feel free to contact us at:


Question 8 Do you ship internationally?

Answer 8 Yes, we do ship internationally but you must pay for a shipping.   For international order please contact us first before placing order and receive a quote for shipping.

Please feel free to contact us at:


Question 9 Where can I ride an electric bicycle?

Answer 9 You can ride an electric bicycle anywhere that regular bicycles can be riden.  

Question 10  Does the electric bicycle have an MSO/MCO?

Answer 10 No.  We do not offer a MSO/MCO since these are not vehicles with a VIN.   We can offer a proof of purchase if needed to provide to your local DMV to register your bicycle

Question 11 Does the bicycle arrive fully assembled?

Answer 11 No.   There is some assembly required.  Typically you will need to install the front wheel, handlebars, seat and accessories.

Question 12 My bike arrived damaged. What do I need to do?

 Answer 12 We will provide you replacement parts for any parts damaged during transit.   We request that you take photos of the carton to show all damage.   Please also take a photo of the shipping label on the carton.   Once you unbox the shipment please take additional photos of any damaged parts.   Once you have taken your photos please create a support ticket at 


to get in contact with a Technician or Customer Service Representative.   Please supply all photos and a description of parts damaged and they will get your warranty claim processed.

Question 13 There are many e-bike brands on the market, why buy X-Treme?

Answer 13 We offer a variety of e-bikes with quality components at an affordable price.   We are so confident in the quality of our bikes and craftsmanship that we offer the option to extend your warranty for the Lifetime of the bike!

Question 14  Can I get an copy of my bicycle's user manual?

Answer 14 Yes.   User Manuals are available please feel free to contact us at:


Question 15 How long does it take to charge a battery?

Answer 15 Our 48 Volt Bicycles can be fully charged in 3-4 hours.  

Question 16 Can I charge my battery while pedaling?

Answer 16 No, it is not possible to charge your battery while riding since electric bicycles do not have regeneration built into them, and if they did have regeneration built into them, it would only be able to charge when going down hill and while not using any power. In order for regeneration to work, the bike would be slowed by the motor, as the motor would be working in reverse to charge the batteries.

Question 17 Can I charge my battery while installed in the bike?

Answer 17 It is possible to charge while installed in the bike but we recommend always removing your battery from the bicycle to charge.

Question 18 Can the electronics on the bicycle get wet?

Answer 18 We do not recommend riding in rain regularly but the electrical components of the bicycle can withstand heavy rainfall.   We suggest if it begins to rain while you are riding your electric bicycle that you only cover the LCD screen on the 48 Volt Electric Bicycles to ensure there it is not compromised.

Question 19 Can I purchase replacement parts if I need them after my warranty ends?

Answer 19 Yes.   We offer replacement parts for purchase.   Please contact us at:


Question 20 How fast do the X-Treme e-bikes go?

Answer 20 Speed will be 25 mph.

Question 21 How long does it take to process my order?

Answer 21 We want to get your order to you as soon as possible!   If you place your order before 1:00 pm PST it will ship that same day.   Anything placed after 1:00 will ship the following business day.   Please note that some parts and freight orders may ship the following day if they are placed near the cutoff.

Question 22 I changed my mind, can I return?

Answer 22 If it has been 15-Days since you received your bicycle you may return in its original packaging in new/unused condition.   And you have to pay 25% of restocking fee. You may complete a return request by submitting a support ticket at 


Question 23 How much does a bicycle weigh?

Answer 23 Weight will vary depending on the model.   Our electric bicycels can range from 50 lbs to 83 lbs.